Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Sponsored half marathon

On 30th September, Colin Younge (from West Suffolk Vineyard Church) will be taking part in the Felixstowe Half Marathon and in doing so is looking to raise money for Storehouse. We really appreciate this from Colin and if you would like to sponsor him please speak to him when you next see him or, if you can't get to speak to him, please feel free to drop any donations (clearly marked for Colin's sponsored run) in at the Vineyard Centre or to anyone on the Storehouse Team. Colin will be going away on 1st September and leaves for University the day after the race, so you will need to catch him while you have the chance. Thank you so much Colin.


Colin said...

sorry, date is actually 30th september! and i will be leaving on the first of september!
thanks guys!

WSVC Storehouse said...

Thanks Colin, I have now updated the posting with the correct date of the race.

colin said...

hey guys, dunno if you wanna update the article. i ran today, achieving a time of 2 hours and 35 minutes. i could also mail you some photos if you like