Friday, 18 April 2008

Why we do what we do...

We regularly sing Jeremy Riddle songs at WSVC, but have you checked out the whole album yet? The final track on "Full Attention" is entitled "My Love for You" and is all about how we show God that we love Him. If you have a look at the Bio section of Jeremy Riddle's website you will find out some of the inspiration behind the song. The following is reproduced from Jeremy and is used by permission from Varietal Records:
"My Love For You" comes, in part, from a sermon series he developed. As Jeremy spent time in Scripture, he began to see a pattern: "The things that show God we love Him are not extravagant love songs, poems or outbursts of emotional expression, but simple actions of obedience. And from what I can understand, the way God calls us to express our love back to Him is by returning to people the same things we have received from Him."
The song talks about what that might involve practically, and reminds us that sometimes our love for God is shown through simple acts of kindness, borne from that love that we have received; things like being there for the weak, feeding the hungry, caring for the poor, freeing the oppressed and standing up for the orphan and widow. Showing our love through obedience to what God commands us, and holding firm to truth and justice, and loving our fellow man. Check out the website for more info behind some of the other songs and see if the CD is available at the CD desk at church.

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