Monday, 8 December 2008

November stats

Sorry for not having updated this blog for so long, but here we go. During November, your kind donations of food and toiletries have enabled Storehouse to give away 71 food bags to 59 individuals or families. This was as a result of requests from 13 local agencies plus some non agency requests. Thank you for everything that you have given; the people who receive your gifts are real people with little or nothing to eat, and some don't even have a home of their own. Your donations really do make a difference in their lives - in fact a guy was talking in the school playground to someone from church the other day and he commented that Storehouse is a real life saver. He wasn't from church, but he had seen the difference Storehouse makes. We might never know the full extent to which each bag will impact someone's life, but we will keep giving away these tokens of God's love, and we thank YOU for enabling that to happen.

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