Friday, 15 May 2009

April stats, and requests update

April was another busy month for Storehouse; during the month we received 60 requests from 11 different local agencies, plus a non agency request, resulting in us giving away 69 food bags to local needy people. It's wonderful that we have been able to do this, and we are so very grateful for all the continued donations we receive. The first week in the new Vineyard Centre (see earlier post), has been far from quiet, with more than 20 food bags going out in the first week alone. As a result of the high number of requests we are receiving, the cupboards are looking fairly bare again, and we are in real need of the following items:
  • tinned fish*
  • tinned meat* and meaty products*
  • tinned vegetables*
  • tinned potatoes*
  • instant mashed potato
  • dry pasta* and rice*
  • pasta sauces
  • tinned fruit and desserts

We have run out of the items marked * completely.

In each food bag that we give away we try to put sufficient food for 3 meals a day for 2 - 3 days, so you can imagine the volume of food that has gone out in the last week. Over the last three years, June has always been one of our busiest months so I guess that the number of requests that we receive will continue to rise. Please consider bringing some of the above items to our Sunday morning celebration, or drop them in at the Vineyard Centre during the week. But also, ask God what He would have you do. We say that one or two cans make a difference, and they not only make a difference to the person who receives them, but as we open our heart to what God wants us to do, it can begin to make a difference to us too. Thank you.

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