Friday, 5 June 2009

May Stats and requests update

Storehouse had its busiest May ever; we received 71 requests from 10 local agencies, plus one non-agency request. This resulted in us giving away 83 bags of food and toiletries to needy people in and around Bury St Edmunds during the month. As you might imagine, the food that comes in doesn't stay in the cupboards for very long when we are this busy, and so while we will gladly accept any non-perishable food you can give us, the items we particularly need at this moment are as follows:
  • tinned meat, meals and fish*
  • pasta sauces*
  • pot noodles*
  • cup-a-soups*
  • tea bags
  • long-life milk (we have one pint left)
  • cereals (especially multi-packs which can be easily split)
  • toothpaste*, deodorants and other toiletries

We have run right out of items marked *.

We are able to help all sorts of people through Storehouse - young, not so young, single, families, those with homes and those without. All of the people who come to Storehouse are in need though, but for many their need might be short term, as they wait for Benefits to be sorted, or other matters to be resolved. Your donations of food and toiletries help these people through the next few days, and hopefully demonstrate to them that they are not forgotten and hope-less: as we help them, we show that God has not forgotten them and that he cares for them. Through Storehouse, we are able to share God's love with desperate and needy people, and every can that we give makes a real difference. Thank you.

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