Thursday, 3 September 2009

August stats and requests update

August was yet another busy month for Storehouse. During the month, we received 65 requests from 12 different local agencies plus a couple of non-agency requests all of which resulted in 73 food bags being given away to needy and struggling people in and around Bury St Edmunds and West Suffolk.
As a result of so many requests, plus more than 10 bags going out in the first 2 days of September, we are desperately short of many items and would very much appreciate the following (please feel free to drop any items in at the Vineyard Centre):
  • any food that can be eaten without heating (e.g. ring-pull cans, peanuts, biscuits etc)
  • tinned meat (we have 1 tin left), fish, vegetables*, potatoes
  • pasta sauces, instant/pot noodles, instant mash
  • fruit & desserts
  • small cereals, tea bags*
  • toiletries, especially deodorant*, toothpaste*, shower gel*, soap*

It is wonderful that we are able to help so many people in this practical way, showing them compassion in a way that impacts their lives. When we give just one or two cans we really do make a difference, so thank you for everything that you do give.

On a slightly different tack, if you are involved with a local school that is going to be holding a Harvest celebration of any kind, you could maybe mention to the staff that Storehouse would gladly take any non-perishable items that are donated. We have already written to most of the local schools, but any additional support would be most welcome. Thank you.

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