Wednesday, 4 November 2009

October stats

October wasn't quite as busy as September, as far as Storehouse requests are concerned at least. However, September was an exceptionally busy month (see earlier post). During October, Storehouse received 65 requests from 10 different local agencies, plus some non agency requests, resulting in 76 food bags being given away to needy men, women and families in Bury St Edmunds and West Suffolk. A young lady called in at the Vineyard Centre today to collect a bag; she had not realised beforehand that we were there, and she was so thankful for her bag of food. The things we (and "we" means everyone who gives anything to Storehouse) give away through Storehouse we describe as a token of God's love; sometimes in our eyes that token might not be much, but in the hands of someone who really needs it, is desperate and might never receive much else in life, that token might be huge. Let's not underestimate the impact our giving can have in the lives of those who use Storehouse, and let's keep asking God to show HIS love through what we do.
Is that something that you would like to be involved in. We are still looking for volunteers to spend a few hours a week (preferably one morning a week) at the Vineyard centre to help fill food bags, take requests and meet the people who come to collect the bags. If you would like to get involved in this please let the office know, or speak to someone on the team. (Or even leave a comment here). Thank you

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