Thursday, 4 February 2010

January stats etc

The start of 2010 has shown little let up in the busyness of Storehouse. During this first month of a new year, Storehouse received 62 requests for food bags, from 9 different local agencies plus a couple of non-agency requests, resulting in 69 food bags being given away. Almost half of the requests this month have been for young people, via Connexions and YMCA. It's great to be able to offer Storehouse's practical help to these young people who probably don't have the love and support of a caring family around them. Everyone who supports Storehouse, in whatever way, helps to support these often vulnerable young people, and others, and show them something of God's fatherly love for them. That's why we do what we do - to show and share God's love for the poor, the desperate, the needy. Thank you for all YOU do in continuing to help make this possible.

If you are wondering whether there is anything in particular that you might be able to give to Storehouse to help at the moment, we are beginning to run a little low on meaty meals (eg ravioli, spahetti bolognese, macaroni cheese etc) and tinned vegetables. Any donations of these items would be most welcome, thank you. Remember, even one or two-cans make a difference.


Neil said...

Thanks for keeping us upto date and for all your hard work. It is absolutely fantastic. How are the Mother and Baby baskets going? Do you need any more? Love Sheila.

WSVC Storehouse said...

Thank you Sheila. We have one boy basket and two girl baskets remaining. They are amazing, and very well received - the agencies that have had them have thought they are absolutely wonderful :)
You quite obviously put a lot of care and love into them, as well as all the other goodies.