Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cupboards of Love

Last year Storehouse was given some large MDF cupboards and so we have moved most of the food etc out of the grey metal cupboards and into these "new" ones, as they are much larger. When we were given the cupboards, they were just bare MDF, but recently, Lynette and Liz have kindly painted the cupboards, with the design and colour scheme etc being entirely up to them. Here's what the design on one of the doors now looks like, together with Lynette's own words to tell the story:

When asked to decorate the cupboards in January for Storehouse, I had an overwhelming urge to celebrate the fact that these were “cupboards filled with love” (hence ♥ motif)

Each item is a single act of compassion and love which, when put together, can change lives or make a difference! WOW!

We can be faced daily with a decision of, “do I bother to help with….. or does it make a difference if….?” You know, every time we do “bother”, something happens…. a situation is changed.

Several years ago a project started in South Africa called T-Bag Designs. It was born out of a desire to help families on townships who had nothing. A used T-Bag was dried, emptied and became a canvas for painted designs. These were then made into cards or used to decorate products and sold. This simple act of re-using T-Bags provided employment, which in turn gave a sense of purpose leading to self-worth and hope. Many people now “bother” to dry out T-bags for this project. It is a simple act, but life changing to those in the township.

These same T-Bags are now on the Storehouse doors. So, as we look at the T-Bag hearts, let’s receive a new heart of compassion. Let our hearts be softened so we can see the worth in every human being, whatever their circumstances.

Let’s see lives changed through love.
Thank you Lynette, and Liz.

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