Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Food needs update

Storehouse is continuing to give away around 15 or more food bags every week. That's around 15 main meals (meat, veg, potato/pasta/rice), 15 desserts, 15 snack meals, 15 cartons of long life milk, around 45 variety boxes of cereal, 15 cans of beans/spaghetti, 15 tins of soup etc etc. As you can see, that's a lot of food that is given away every week, but it is only as a result of the ongoing support and generosity of everyone who gives food and toiletries to Storehouse. At the moment we are running particularly low on all of the following:
  • tinned meat
  • tinned veg
  • desserts
  • pasta and pasta sauces

We will also need the other items that we give away each week, especially

  • tinned snack meals
  • tinned fish/cold meat
  • cereals
  • long life milk
  • pot noodles
  • snacks, biscuits
  • tea bags

Every tin, carton or packet that is given to Storehouse really does make a difference. We give away around 60 bags a month in response to requests from a wide range of local agencies, but each bag is for someone in real need. Your kindness and generosity is what enables Storehouse to keep helping to meet these needs, and to show something of God's care and compassion for the poor and needy. Thank you.

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