Thursday, 15 December 2011

Storehouse News
November was again a busy month, when 106 bags were distributed, resulting from requests from fifteen different agencies and ten non-agency requests.
In November we had a productive team meeting when we were able to share stories of how God has blessed the work of Storehouse in meeting the practical needs of those in our community. It was also a chance to encourage one another and share any new ideas that relate to the running of Storehouse. We were able to welcome to the team Sarah and Lindsay, both from Gt Barton Free Church, and to say “good-bye” and “thank you” to Julie who has moved onto other things at the Vineyard Centre.
As in previous years members of the church congregation have bought Christmas presents for those in our community. Over 150 gifts have been given to the Family Centre, Acorn House, (mum’s and baby complex) Jocelyn Court (old people’s home) and CRI (providing help to people with Substance Misuse.) We do thank all those who have given so generously in buying these presents, and in so doing demonstrating God’s love to those in need.
The vast stocks of food received from local churches and schools in October are being used up. Although we still have lots of certain items of food, we are short of the following items:
• Cereals
• Milk
• Tinned meat
• Tinned potatoes
• Fish
• Desserts
• Biscuits
• Food for people without cooking facilities
Thank you to all those who have supported the work of Storehouse during the last year. We look forward to 2012 when we can continue to share God’s love with those around us.
God bless you.
Happy Christmas
Andrew & Mary Soman

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