Thursday, 14 June 2012

Storehouse News

April and May were again busy months within the Storehouse Team. In April a total of 154 bags were given out resulting from requests from 12 different agencies and 2 non-agency requests. In May a total of 144 bags were distributed, resulting from requests from 15 different agencies and 6 non-agency requests.

We welcome Clare, Margaret and Caron who have recently joined the Storehouse Team.  A big “thank you” to Shirley who has had to leave the team. We do appreciate her faithfulness in serving in this way. We also thank Nicola who is having a break from serving within Storehouse for the time being.

We recently enjoyed a Storehouse team “get together” where we were able to chat through any issues, explore new ideas and generally celebrate together how God continues to bless the work of Storehouse. At the meeting one of the team told of a situation when we were able to give a homeless person a coat. They were so grateful that we were able to help them in this way.

Recently a couple within West Suffolk Vineyard Church held a joint Birthday party. Instead of guests bringing presents they were asked to bring food  for the work of Storehouse. What a great idea. As a result several boxes containing food were brought in to swell the Storehouse cupboards! A sizeable cash donation was also received. Thank you to our friends who thought about Storehouse in this way and initiated the idea.

At present we especially need the following items:
·         Tea
·         Tinned Meat
·         Tinned Vegetables
·         Tinned potatoes
·         Fish
·         Soup
·         Desserts
·         Snacks & food for people with no cooking facilities
·         Toothpaste
Thank you to all those who continue to support the work of Storehouse. The clients we work with do value the practical help we are to give them.
Andrew and Mary Soman

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