Thursday, 20 September 2012

Storehouse News

During August we gave out a total of 164 bags of food, resulting from requests from 12 different agencies and 5 non-agency requests. This total was the highest since February this year.

There have recently been several changes within the Storehouse Team. We want to say a big “thank you” to the following people who have left the team to concentrate on other things: Sarah and Lindsay who attend Great Barton Free Church, Emma who has started a University Course and Issy  who spent most of last year with the team on a Monday morning as part of her “community” work for her studies at school. It has been great to have each of them working as part of the Storehouse Team.

We want to say “welcome” to Stacey and Martina who have very recently joined the team. We hope they will enjoy being part of this “outward-focussed” ministry within West Suffolk Vineyard Church.

Several churches and schools have again said they will donate their Harvest produce to the work of Storehouse. We value very much this support we receive from others in our community, and we are looking forward to receiving an abundance of food to fill the Storehouse cupboards. In the meantime the cupboards are starting to get empty again. We especially need the following items:
·         Tea
·         UHT milk
·         Tinned meats
·         Tinned potatoes
·         Tinned vegetables
·         Tinned desserts-e.g.  fruit, rice pudding etc.
·         Tinned fish
·         Soup
·         Baked beans
·         Food for people with no cooking facilities.

If you able to help buy any of the above items it would be very much appreciated. Thank you to all those who continue to support the work of Storehouse.
God bless you,
Andrew and Mary Soman

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