Friday, 20 April 2007


We had an amazing afternoon at Storehouse today. We had previously arranged with Gemma from West Suffolk College to meet her and the E2E students at the Vineyard Centre at around quarter past one, so that they could bring us all their shopping, and help pack it away. This was what they had bought with the money they raised at the college a month or so back (see earlier post). Before they arrived we looked in the cupboards and we were running really low on tinned vegetables and fruit, and in the last 3 days alone around 10 food bags had gone out, leaving just one family bag (double) and one single bag of food in the cupboard – there was not enough to make up another single bag.

At about one o’clock a lady phoned the Vineyard Centre and asked if it would be OK to drop off some food and just as the students were turning up, she and a friend also arrived and unloaded bags and boxes of food for Storehouse. The students then unloaded Gemma’s car and brought their shopping upstairs and for about the next half an hour they helped Margaret and Roy to restock the cupboards. It was amazing to see all this provision of food come in just when we needed it, and just after Storehouse had given so much away. It was great too to hear how the students had enjoyed doing what they had done, and how they were pleased to be able to help other people. So a big thank you to all these people, and a huge thank you to God, who demonstrated how he provides for us just when we need it.

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