Sunday, 29 April 2007

Citizens Advice Bureau

The CAB recently invited us to attend one of their monthly staff meetings so that we could explain to the staff and volunteers there, what Storehouse does. Roy and Julia visited them on Thursday 26th April and on their behalf Roy writes: "A couple of us from WSVC Storehouse Ministry went to the CAB to explain what we do and to show what is in a food bag for a single person. We also told them where the food for the bags comes from and explained that we work closely with most of the charities and agency groups around Bury.

We also spoke a little on Helping Hands and what they can do - we hope to provide for those in need and those not well off.

It was very exciting for us to let CAB know how we run and to have them on board with the other agencies. We feel it went very well and the CAB can call us if ever they needed help for the people they have contact with. It is all about looking after one another with the help and grace of God."

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