Wednesday, 9 May 2007

These feet were made for walking...

In case you missed the notices at Kinship and our Sunday morning celebration, you might not be aware of something that is afoot. Lesley Cook is going to be doing a sponsored walk to raise money for Storehouse. On the last Sunday of May, Lesley is going to be leaving her home in Mildenhall at about 5 o’clock in the morning and walking about 15 miles to Church. After the celebration she is then going to be walking back home, a round trip of around 30 miles. Sponsor forms are available from church, and if you are unable to sponsor Lesley financially, she will happily accept tins etc for Storehouse instead.

Lesley has also started selling second hand books at £1 each, with the proceeds again going to Storehouse. If you have any good quality second hand books that you can give to Lesley she will be happy to take them. Alternatively have a look at her books and see if you would like to buy any.

Thank you very much Lesley.

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