Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Trent Vineyard Arches Project

On 3rd May the four of us, and Helen Mathers, visited The Arches in Nottingham. The Arches is run from some converted railway arches by Trent Vineyard and is just part of their compassion ministry. Here they offer tea and coffee, someone to talk to, a chance to take a shower, free food, clothing and furniture aswell as a mums and toddlers group and a weekly small group. Although Nottingham is a city and is therefore much larger than Bury St Edmunds, it was both encouraging and exciting to see how they help the needy and disadvantaged in Nottingham: it was encouraging to see how we are already doing some of the things here in Bury and exciting to see some things that we hope to be able to do in the future. Please have a look at their website.

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