Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Happy New Year

In December 2007 Storehouse received 48 requests for food bags resulting in 61 bags being given away via 10 different agencies plus some non agency requests. The total requests for 2007 was 530, up from 327 in 2006, and resulted in a total of 669 bags being given away (412 in 2006) via 20 different agencies plus non agency requests. In addition to this, we also gave a further 55 food bags to Open Door in Colchester, so that in total we gave away over 700 bags. This is a huge amount of food and toiletries and a big increase on the previous year. Thank you for making this possible. Without the continuing donations of food etc, week in and week out, this would not have been possible. But it also demonstrates that as the supplies come in, so the needs are met, and as the needs arise the food comes in. We are thankful that we have not been in the position where we have had to say to anyone that we have no food to give them. So thank you for making this possible; this ministry of West Suffolk Vineyard Church can only function through the kindness of all of those who donate to it, and everyone who does so plays a vital part in meeting the needs of those whom we seek to help. Thank you, and may God bless you in 2008.

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