Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Requests update...

There is never a particularly quiet time of the year as far as Storehouse requests are concerned and at the moment we are running low on the following items:

  • ANY food that can be eaten without heating
  • tinned meat
  • tinned vegetables* and tinned tomatoes
  • mashed potato* and tinned potatoes
  • pasta sauces*
  • pot noodles and other packet meals
  • small long life milk*, small bags of sugar*
  • small packets of cereals
  • ALL toiletries*
  • baby food

Please consider these items for donating to Storehouse and in particular the items marked* as we currently have none of these. Please remember that one or two cans does really make a difference and if you can only give just one or two items, it makes a big impact to someone who has nothing and can go a long way to filling the bags that we need to give out.

Thank you

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