Saturday, 2 August 2008

Requests plea

As you will see from the July stats (see below), we have given away a lot of food and toiletries over the last month, and this year as a whole. The result is that the food cupboards are really very low. With just 4 bags made up at the end of this week, we have no potatoes, no baked beans, no milk and no sugar. We are also really low on just about everything else, with the exception of soup, so anything at all will help. Sometimes it seems such a large task to provide all the food for all these requests. However, just one or two cans can really help towards making up a meal or a food bag for someone and can truly make a difference. So if you can spare even a small amount of non-perishable food or toiletries, they will certainly be most gratefully received. Thank you.

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