Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Requests update

I'm aware that it's summer holiday time, and many of us will be spending some time away and hopefully relaxing and finding some good weather. However, as Maggie was saying on Sunday, the requests for food bags keep coming in to the Vineyard Centre. We have had a marvellous response to our food requests over the last couple of weeks, but as quickly as the food comes in, it goes out again. At the moment we are running low of the following items and would appreciate these in particular:

· ANY food that can be eaten without heating
· tinned meat and tinned vegetables*
· instant mashed potato
· rice, pasta sauces
· tea bags, coffee, small bags of sugar
· small packets of cereals
· small cartons etc of drinks
· toiletries* (of all descriptions)
· toilet rolls, wet wipes* (really useful for homeless people)

* we are right out of these. We are truly grateful for any items that you can bring in - one or two cans really can make a difference in the lives of those in our community who are in need.
Thank you

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