Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Requests update

If you were at our Sunday morning celebration at St James' School, you might have seen the photos of the nearly empty Storehouse food cupboards. We collected a wonderful amount of food on Sunday, thank you, and we have been able to make up bags ready for the coming week, as requests keep coming in. However, that does mean that once again we are right out of some things and very low on others. The items we have run out of completely are as follows:
  • tinned meat and meat products
  • tinned fish (I think we might have one tin of tuna left)
  • tinned potatoes
  • long life milk
  • rice
  • deodorant, shampoo

We are also running very low on the following:

  • pasta
  • tinned vegetables
  • instant mashed potato
  • desserts
  • cereals
  • other toiletries, especially shower gel

We are truly grateful for everything that you give to Storehouse. You do an amazing thing as you give even just one or two cans to help people who have little or nothing (I was talking to a guy today who has been waiting for his benefits to come through since March 20th). Let me quote from The Message intro to Zephaniah: "Everything you do or think or feel has to do with God. Every person you meet has to do with God." We live in a vast world of interconnectedness, and the connections have consequences, either in things or in people - and all the consequences come together in God. We might never know the impact our gifts might have on someone's life, but we can be sure that our gifts will make a difference; it might even be the case that the difference will start with us, as we start to see people with God's eyes, and as we reach out in love towards them. So thank you for continuing to be a part of this ministry as we try to extend a hand of help and show some of God's love to our needy community.

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