Thursday, 16 April 2009

Urgent requests update

We are running very low of quite a few items and are right out of some. In particular, we need the following:
  • tinned meat*
  • pasta*
  • pasta sauces*
  • instant mash*
  • tinned mixed vegetables
  • tinned tomatoes*
  • tinned kidney beans*
  • tinned fruit* and other desserts*
  • long life milk*
  • snacks
  • toiletries - toothpaste*, razors, body wash, shampoo*, deodorants

The items marked with * we have run right out of. As we try and make up a bag to give meals for a couple of days, it will be difficult without any meat, dessert and milk. If you are able to drop any items in at the Vineyard Centre that will be useful too. Thank you for all your donations and for continuing to be prepared to help and support those in our community who maybe have nowhere else to turn.

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