Friday, 3 July 2009

June stats

June this year was not as busy as last year, following a very busy May. We received 47 requests from 10 local agencies plus several non-agency requests, which resulted in Storehouse giving away 59 food bags to needy people in and around Bury St Edmunds and West Suffolk. As Louise was saying on Sunday (if you haven't heard her talk you can download it from the WSVC website), this is only possible because of what YOU do, as you continue to support this ministry. We are very grateful for everything that you give and let's pray that as we give, lives will be changed. Thank you

By way of an update on the requests front, we have recently received a large consignment of tinned soup, so for the foreseeable future we won't need any more tins of soup to be given to us, thank you. We are still short of several items though, as per last week's notice, in particular
cereals, instant mash, tinned meat and veg. Please feel free to drop any donations in at the Vineyard Centre, or bring to our Sunday morning Celebration. Thank you.

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