Monday, 27 July 2009

Requests update

July continues to be a very busy month for Storehouse with much of the food that comes in going out almost as quickly. Even after all the food collected yesterday at our Sunday morning celebration, we are still running low on some items:
  • tinned meat, meaty meals and tinned fish*
  • tinned fruit and other desserts
  • small boxes of cereal (eg multi packs, or weetabix etc which can be hygienically split)
  • long life milk
  • tea bags
  • toiletries, especially toothpaste, deodorants, shower gel*

We have none of the items marked *

As kinships maybe take a break over the Summer, please keep an eye on this blog, and on the notice board on Sunday mornings for updates as to what we are running low of. We always try and make up a food bag with food for all the meals in the day, so we are always needing plenty of different foods, but we do run low on particular things at different times (although it's worth pointing out that we do have plenty of tinned soup for the foreseeable future). Please feel free to drop any food in at the Vineyard Centre at 15a Out Westgate during the week, or in the buckets on a Sunday morning. As Chris was mentioning on Sunday, we might never see the outcome of our actions, but as we reach out with compassion to those in need around us, we are showing God's love to the needy while at the same time allowing him to soften our hearts. Let's keep reaching out and at the same time listening to him as we join together to serve him in this way. Thank you.

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